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Larisa’s story

Here is another story from a member injured by TMS. I regularly get stories about people being treated for conditions TMS is not indicated for. Clinics seem to think that TMS can improve almost anything from Fibromialgia to Irritable Bowel Syndrome to Addiction. TMS barely beats out placebo for depression and I would argue this is only in trials sponsored by the manufacturer or where there is industry money changing hands. It has no place being administered in these other situations and can have very severe or dire consequences and side effects that are not being documented or disclosed to the detriment of those in our community.

“I started TMS treatments last year in July. I had suffered from major depression most of my life and was also diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder. I mentioned all of this to the treatment coordinator that worked for Success TMS located in Ormond Beach FL. The treatments started and all seemed to be going well with daily sessions and questions being asked. It was not till the end of the sessions that I felt a major shift happening. I describe it like, feeling as if I had woken up. What was actually happening was a major manic episode that caused me to go on a major spending/borrowing binge like I had never done before in my life. 
When I had discussed my feelings with Success TMS, I was told that I was basically a guinea pig because they were still not sure what TMS does to people that are Bi-Polar, – YET – I found an article published by NAMI that stated that TMS was not advised for people with BI-Polar disorder and should be closely monitored.
When I reached out to the treatment coordinator a few weeks later, when the symptoms got worse, I was called back once and when I stated that I would like a follow up with the Doctor I was never contacted back. No follow up, no return call. 
Now I am looking at being on the streets any day now. TMS ruined my life.”

– Larisa Scharikin

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