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Cary’s Experience

As a part of this blog I will share the detailed experiences of those I have met in my pursuit to bring awareness to the dangerous and undisclosed nature of TMS.

I met Cary Jacobs recently and was very interested in the story that unfolded, it shares so many similarities with the hundreds of others I have been both unfortunate and honored to share in. 

Cary’s Experience – 

“I went for rtms treatment for entirely treatment resistant 32 year strong depression and anxiety. I had 7 treatments without any side effects at all. The 8th time, the tech, for whatever reason, simply could not calibrate the device correctly. She was measuring, calibrating, remeasuring recalibrating ad nauseum. Finally it ended up in a sort of “screw it” situation and the device wound up in the side of my temple rather than the top right of my head. I didn’t think much of it as they assured me that there was no possible danger to be threatened by this device, which I know all too well now, is horseshit. Horrifyingly so.

About 20 minutes after that session, I got severe headaches. The headaches persisted for a few days. After a few unbearable, throbbing days, the symptoms shifted a bit. I began getting what I can only describe as scalp tension. Like an air bubble trapped beneath the muscle in my scalp. This sensation can shift from the top of my head, to the back, and more recently to the sides.

Worst of all, I have developed a severe sensitivity to light emitted from digital screens. My eyes feel like they are shriveling up, for lack of a better way to describe it. This also triggers the scalp tension. As a freelancer, this has been a nightmare scenario, to put it mildly. The head tech at the clinic told me to come back and try again as it could help IMPROVE the symptoms. Saying this AFTER insisting that he’s never heard of anyone ever having these symptoms and I’m the only one that’s ever experienced anything like the symptoms I was and continue to experience. In my desperation and ignorance, I came back for 2 more sessions, making sure the coil was placed “correctly”

As can be guessed, this only made it worse. It is currently over 10 weeks after the first incident and 5 weeks after returning, without a hint of improvement in these oppressive symptoms, and I am rapidly losing hope with every passing day. There are some days where it seems better, but it always seems to come back worse than before. Reading your blog and other reports on the Facebook group, the real nightmare starts around the 3 months mark. I genuinely wouldn’t be able to handle this as I’m living in hell as it is. “

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