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About us has been created to address the harm caused to a growing number of people who are suffering from the side effects of TMS(transcranial magnetic stimulation). Our aim is to improve the quality of life our members and anyone suffering side effects from TMS by sharing information, experiences and collaborating on solutions to all the respective legal, medical, and health issues that arise from the treatment.

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TMS Side Effects

Most common symptoms:

Significantly worsening depression and anxiety (which may also be newly “treatment-resistant”)
Cognitive impairment such as short-term memory or functional memory loss and decreased ability to multitask
Panic attacks
Increased suicidal ideation
Chronic headaches
Loss of balance

Additional symptoms that are somewhat less common include:

Hearing loss
Eye injury
Different forms of tachycardia
Seizures and epilepsy
Blood pressure problems
Speech problems
Muscle pain / weakness / fasciculations / cramping / tightness
Environmental sensitivities to temperature, light, smell, and sound
Sensitivity to medications and supplements

Articles about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation


Reporting side effects

Please report your adverse reaction/harm to the FDA.
This link provides a step by step guide to reporting the problem. Please complete a form online(by clicking the ‘Report Online’ button) AND call the number if you are able or willing. When I called the number they actually started an investigation in addition to making the report.
These reports help us have our voices heard on this very important topic. It is very important we document what has happened to us as much as possible.
If you have any questions Please let me know.

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tms gives me anxiety

Angela’s story

“I’ve suffered anxiety, OCPD and depression most of my life from childhood PTSD.  I’ve always been high functioning. I got my masters degree in nursing and managed an Internal Medicine Clinic for years.  I had a final breakdown about a year and a half ago with anxiety and depression and have been pursuing disability.  After multiple failed medications and therapies I researched the TMS treatment.  I NEVER found anything negative about the treatments or long term side effects that stated worsening depression or anxiety.  The side effects all seemed minimal and definitely worth the risk for relief of my symptoms.   Initially during the first few weeks of treatment I started to feel better.  Then the tech delayed getting insurance approval for continued sessions and I was unable to get any treatments for two weeks.  At this point my depression and anxiety started to worsen.  I resumed treatment in hopes it

Survivor Testimonials

Your experience is very valuable to us, so you can always email and ask for our help. Victims of Tms Action Group (VTAG).

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