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Brain and face injury from TMS

This case describes in detail what it can be like to go through the trauma of TMS.

“The woman agreed to participate in the study, but she now says she was never warned of any risk of a brain injury.

The treatment, she says, left her with an excruciating headache. The next day, she awoke without her sense of taste and unable to control most of the muscles in her face. She went to the ER and was given eye drops, an eye patch, and an anti-viral drug. Twelve days later, she underwent nerve decompression surgery, but while she regained her sense of taste, it was too late to correct the paralysis.

She and the doctor who performed the TMS believe that if she had been given a steroid, it would have reduced the pressure on her brain and nerves, stabilizing the swelling and making the condition treatable.”

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