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Angela’s story

“I’ve suffered anxiety, OCPD and depression most of my life from childhood PTSD.  I’ve always been high functioning. I got my masters degree in nursing and managed an Internal Medicine Clinic for years.  I had a final breakdown about a year and a half ago with anxiety and depression and have been pursuing disability.  After multiple failed medications and therapies I researched the TMS treatment.  I NEVER found anything negative about the treatments or long term side effects that stated worsening depression or anxiety.  The side effects all seemed minimal and definitely worth the risk for relief of my symptoms.  

Initially during the first few weeks of treatment I started to feel better.  Then the tech delayed getting insurance approval for continued sessions and I was unable to get any treatments for two weeks.  At this point my depression and anxiety started to worsen.  I resumed treatment in hopes it would get better again only to find myself continuing to decline.  Treatment ended with about 6 weeks of sessions due to another issue of getting insurance approval.  Since this time my symptoms have continued to progress to a terrible state.  I have no energy whatsoever.  Every daily task is exhausting and overwhelming to me.  I’m having continued suicide ideation that’s overwhelming at times because I’m so overwhelmed and miserable with my symptoms.  My anxiety puts me in manic states of uncontrollable spending and racing thoughts.  When discussing these things with my psychiatrist she stated, “everyone she’s had do the tms seem to get worsening depression”.  I am so frustrated and curious if anyone has experienced this and got better?  This is way worse than I was pre-TMS and is no way for anyone to live.”

– Angela Nail-Holtswarth

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